Malaysia Brand

We are strategically located within the ASEAN cluster which is also one of the biggest motorcycle markets globally

2 Wheelers

Since 2018 we've worked tirelessly to develop electric motorcycle products and range anxiety solutions to market

Charging Solutions

One of the first EV manufacturers from ASEAN to come up with charging network solutions as part of our business model

How we are Different?

We believe a lot in product development, that’s why it took us over 3 years to launch our first product. Legatus Metropolitan electric scooter will initially be available in Malaysia, and subsequently be marketed and sold in a few targetted export countries. That’s what we call export grade electric motorcycle, from Malaysia.

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EV Manufacturer

Obtain all the necessary certifications and requirements to manufacture street legal electric motorcycles into targeted markets

Build the Products

What we build determines how long we can stay in business. Getting the right product fit for customers is crucial.

Supporting Tech

From bespoke batteries to various charging solutions, we aim to let our customers worry less about range anxiety

"... All indicators point that we're moving in the right direction. We believe we can be a credible EV brand from Malaysia... "
Dato' Will Lim
Our focus

We're doing our part to enable critical mass EV adoption possible, starting in Malaysia

As a qualified EV manufacturer, we take it upon ourselves to build the right products for customers and open up the possibilities of impactful EV adoption. Climate action is a joint responsibility of all parties!

Let us take care of the concerns about range, charging times and price. You should just enjoy the ride. With Legatus, let it be a low carbon and silent one!

WE're not done yet

A lot of research and development going on...

Batteries, charging, discharging, safety, cycles and also system optimisation are what we work mostly on. On top of it all, put it into commercially affordable solutions. We’re glad to have spent so much time and resources to do all these. It has now enabled us to have a good foundation when entering local and foreign markets.

Battery-Charging Niche
Price-Performance Improvement

Are you looking for a EV solution?

Electric Vehicles | Charging Solutions

What We Offer


Individuals and private use. Let us know if you're thinking of using electric motorcycle for your ride


The last mile is the most expensive part of logistics. Feasible and the right EV solution can help you save


Green procurement is a good thing. Correct EV purchase/leasing practice is even better


Do you think we have a good solution for you, or vice-versa? Let's talk


The market is so big and we're just starting to swim in the blue ocean of EV opportunity


We have various products and solutions but it all begins with proper consultancy

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Let us know your EV expectations. We'll surely try our best to provide a feasible EV solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why electric motorcycles?

There is a huge motorcycle population in ASEAN and we believe we can provide feasible EV alternatives for mass adoption.

How to invest?

We are currently finalising plans on how interested parties can be a part of the EV industry together with us. 

What's in store for 2023?

We’re planning to establish our network of Concept Stores (northern, central, southern regions)

Where's your market?

Malaysia, ASEAN and some identified export countries to begin with.