Greater EV Heights


Sustainable Solutions.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ EV. As an EV manufacturer and solutions provider, we prioritise fit for purpose EV approach to cater to individuals, businesses and export.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

Not all Electric Vehicle companies are the same. We are a 100% privately funded EV company in Malaysia with serious commitment to increase the local/regional EV population providing both the ‘chicken and egg’ to the age old question. This means we’re offering more EVs into the market AND building public EV infrastructure as well.

Ministry Approved

Why risk buying illegally imported units? We are approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia and Customs.

National Objectives

We can make a change together. Our humble target as an EV startup is to increase local EV population and actively contribute towards national green agendas.

Research & Development

We budget over 30% of investments on R&D involving propulsion systems, battery technology and digital/connected solutions as a local EV producer.

Gig Economy Solutions*

We're starting with a decent 120km range electric motorcycle and also able to cater to those requiring at least 200km of EV range for work.

EV Experience Centres*

We're planning Legatus Concept Stores as a place for all to try, test and experience all types of EV products, charging technologies and solutions. Initial site selection is at Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


It is a fact electric vehicles industry is enjoying good growth as one of the choices people, businesses and government can opt for to combat climate change. We strive to do our part from Malaysia.

Our Vision

Combatting Climate Change starting with real actionable green mobility plans.

Our Mission

To provide feasible products and solution to combat transportation pollution

Values We Live By


Collaboration with our partners

Most of our network partners are experts in their own fields. We seek to work together and in that sense we are collaborators for the long run.


Eco Active

We are driven to improve the state of the environment in which we live. We are bound by a joint commitment to this goal and we are passionate about finding ways to achieve it in our projects and products.


Constantly improving

Having a climate action vision helps in our product and solutions planning. We're constantly looking out for better ways of energy efficiency as we work towards combatting energy crisis.


Our Team of Experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve SDG goals, and beyond.

our resources

The EV industry is a new one and we're glad to be acquainted with the best in the business. Since 2018 we've been dilligently communicating with EV experts to bring the best and latest over here.

Leadership Team

The EV journey as a responsible manufacturer requires the right decisions to be made and a clear approach of how we can add value to the industry. It's a daily commitment by our people involved.

Our Partners Trust Us

Ready to get started?

Whether you're an 'EV Newbie' , CSO or ESG adopter, we believe in sharing.

As we’ve been involved in the EV sector from Malaysia since 2018, it’s good to engage with all as there are many things we can learn from each other. Let’s talk!