eKargo KB130


  • Overall Dimension /mm :
  • Cargo box size/mm :1500*1100*330
  • Curb weight/kg:150
  • Battery:60V45ah
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eKargo is a high-performance electric trike with tilting cargo box developed to make transporting your cargo efficiently. Its innovative 3-wheels design is able to combine high manoeuvrability and safe cornering with ‘fuel savings’ and zero tailpipe (think MyGAP). Conventionally, modified motorcycles and domestic animals e.g. cows/buffaloes are used to pull load, as well as expensive diesel powered tractors. eKargo KB130 gives the chance for agropreneurs, farmers, plantations to carry 400-500kg of load in a new way, with a new feeling of freedom.

We have combined European street legal functions (with E-mark), high quality components, smart functions, cutting-edge electric power train technology and a tiltable cargo box to make your work easier.  This is the first of our legally SKD assembled electric tricycle in Malaysia and we will expand our range to 700-1000kg load capable machines soon.  We have organized roadshows to allow those interested to experience and to get-to-know how to operate the eKargo KB130. Imagine the future, now.