At Legatus EV, we're building clean and customized fleet vehicles that help businesses — and the planet — thrive.

01 Lowering Cost

Offering feasible electric vehicles and range solutions at competitive rates

02 Set Budget & timeline

Bring to market street legal electric vehicles for fleets and all projects

03 research & Development

1st of its kind, tailor made, Do talk to us before you make your final EV decisions

04 Implementation

Start with a pilot run. Expand quickly into national and regional fleets.


Starting with the Electric Vehicle, let us know what you need.

Not all Electric Vehicles can cater to everyone. That is what we know. Legatus EV offers more than just “off the shelf” products. Let us know what you need it for, and we will be able to configure something within your required price-performance parameters. That’s what we call a personalised service!


With Range Anxiety solutions

Having the right speed, functions, cost etc is NOT enough. We need to enable the fleet to function for a FULL WORK DAY and minimize EV DOWNTIME. Step 2 in our fleet Service SOP is to counter fleet Range Anxiety.


Leave all the EV work to us

Beneath the seemingly simplistic view of EV + Range Anxiety solution mentioned above, there’s a LOT of work to be done underneath. Legatus EV will focus on the details and let you concentrate on just operating your fleet! Possibly the only EV manufacturer in Malaysia offering this in the market for fleets as small as 50units!


Ready to go green with your fleet?

Our helpful team of advisers are on-hand to discuss all of your options for every size of fleet. Book a free, no-obligation meeting and we’ll try our utmost best.