Finding the 'right' electric motorcycle in Malaysia

Things you need to know

There is a huge motorcycle population in ASEAN countries and most of them are using internal fuel combustion (petrol) to function. As fossil fuel supplies deplete and fuel prices soar, electric motorcycles can come into play as a feasible alternative. 

At Legatus EV, we compile some basic information before you take that crucial step towards using/owning one.

Type of motorcycle

are most of the offerings in the market due to suitability for urban use and cost factors

travel faster than most and will also deplete the battery faster. 

Type of batteries

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Testings done : Battery safety

Battery lifetime and safety

Charging cycles

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Puncture Test

Street Legal

In Malaysia, a ‘street legal’ electric motorcycle can be used on public roads. This means the vehicle needs to be registered with the Road Transport Department and possess licence plates and insurance coverage. The rider also needs to have the requisite ‘driving’ licence (mainly B2 category) to ride the bike.


Different types of configuration will determine the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our knowledge, there is a handful local EV bikes being offered for riders at an average of RM20/day rate. However, the travel range and charging times must be carefully considered, apart from daily costs.

We are at the last stages of launching our first electric motorcycle model. The journey has been more than 3 years using private investments.

Climate action needs tools and the right solutions to formulate to execute. In layman’s terms, we can contribute significantly as a local manfacturer.


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